"Signed" update search results "Yandex"

Yesterday an article on the system of signs, which are given to websites and displayed in search results, appeared in the Yandex blog. Signs will help users decide which link to go to. At the moment there are the following signs: Popular site. A site with a lot of traffic and a regular audience. Selection of users.

15 best tools for search marketers

Content marketers promote projects by creating and publishing expert content that is useful to the audience. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns depends on a number of factors, including the ranking of the resource being promoted in search engines. Therefore, content marketers use SEO tools that increase the visibility of published content for users of Yandex, Google, and other search engines.

How to research keywords in 90 minutes

Some site owners and internet marketers are afraid to research keywords. They believe that it is impossible to create a semantic core without huge tables in Excel, several paid and free programs, the interface of which will have to be dealt with for several days, complicated manipulations with data of analytics services and cabinets for webmasters.

Is there a sandbox filter really?

About the sandbox filter, which is superimposed on young sites, there have always been heated discussions among optimizers. The majority of optimizers believe that it exists, but I have had the opportunity to communicate with experts who are very authoritative for me, who believe that there is actually no such filter, but there is a pseudo-filter that does not allow traffic to a young website - but not because of the imposed filter, and due to other objective factors - in fact, the lack of credibility of the site, determined by a combination of factors, and not by the youth of the site as such.

TexTerra Digest No. 3: the main thing in digital over the week

The authorities considered the price of "the law of Spring". The Ministry of Communications estimated the forthcoming expenses of Internet companies for the execution of the "Law of Spring". The amounts are impressive: about 10 million rubles one-time and about 120 thousand monthly. Where do these numbers come from? To fulfill the requirements of the law (or rather two bills that will soon come into force), the operators do not have a technical base.

TexTerra Digest No. 2: the main thing in digital over the week

The start of certification of agencies and web studios for the new platform Yandex. Dialogues There are too many people who want to improve the Alice network and Yandex will select the most promising ones. Here is what they say about this in the press service of the company: "The demand for the creation of skills greatly exceeds the number of quality offers on the market.

[News] Data leak from Google Docs: what to do and who is to blame?

Last week, many cloud service users cracked the pattern. In search results "Yandex" for various requests began to flicker documents from Google Docs. A bunch of private information has got into general access: phone numbers, photos, passwords. The first data leak detected by users of social networks. MDK's Twitter Twitter In the Russian IT niche, this news created a local sensation.

How to get out from under the "Minusinsk": two real case

Among the experts in the field of SEO there are several opinions about the purchase of links: Links work, but it is important to be very careful in their purchase. Links do not work. These people are fanatically opposed to buying links. Links work as before. Let's buy them in the hundreds. I myself belong to the first category, and I am glad that most of the same specialists surround me.

What will the Google SERP be in 2014 and how to prepare for it

Monitoring changes in search engine algorithms often becomes an obsession for marketers. For example, Google tests thousands of ideas a year. Attempting to keep track of all the innovations can make the optimizer shy away from each shadow and take sedatives. However, some of the innovations of the largest search engine in the world really require close attention of search marketers and changes in the content-marketing strategy.

Case: how we promoted a construction sealant store

Working with "ProGermetik.ru" is a good example of how the right actions on our part led to high results and a long-term friendship with the project. Client: online store of paints, adhesives, sealants for wooden housing construction and interpanel joints, etc. Website: progermetik.ru. Services: website creation, integrated promotion, logo redesign.

Should I indicate authorship after removing photos of authors from the Google SERP

Google gave, Google took: the authors' photos disappeared from the results of search results. Does this mean that attribution of authorship no longer makes sense? Is it true that Google refuses to consider Author Rank when ranking materials? Read below. What happened? In late June, Google spokesman John Muller announced that the photos of the authors will no longer appear on the issue page.

20 link building tactics that no longer work

When it comes to link building, marketers need to know what not to do. Erroneous tactics for obtaining links can cost you not only to reduce the effectiveness of marketing, but also sanctions from the search engines. Therefore, keep a list of outdated link building tactics and check with it when you plan to increase the reference.

20 link building tactics that work

If you read an article about broken link building tactics, you might get the impression that there are no longer any normal ways of getting links. After all, even if you ruin a lot of money and time to create tons of quality content, no one guarantees backlinks to you. If you consider it normal to get links to the ball, including buying on article exchanges, such link building does not really work.

Is there life outside the top 10 issue?

The quality of the issuance and appearance of the SERP search engines have changed dramatically over the past decade. For example, the Google issue page has evolved from a white field with ten blue links to an information hub with a complex layout, having a knowledge graph with brief encyclopedic information about the subject of the search, links to the most high-quality content, photos and videos.