5 sales tactics that bring your customers to white heat

Sales are an integral part of any business. Without them, no company can stay afloat. Therefore, every entrepreneur dreams of maximizing their profits. There is nothing wrong with that: after all, businessmen must somehow earn a living. Another question is what methods they use to achieve their goal.

How to make a slogan to attract customers: criteria, cases, techniques

The title has the opportunity to speak in one or two words. The slogan also allows you to talk about your company with the help of a whole phrase. But what should it be, how to invent it and attract with its help the target audience? In the article you will find answers to these questions, many good examples and tips on how to avoid mistakes in the slogan compilation.

Showrooming: Myth or Real Threat to Retail?

Imagine a nightmare retailer. A potential customer enters the store. In his hand he has a small electronic device that allows you to compare the price of any product with the price of competitors. He slowly swims along the rows, finds the right product, carefully examines it, feels it, examines it from all sides and ... places an order at another store.

Why a client-oriented business does not make money and how to deal with it?

Goods sold, customer satisfied. Everyone wants this, but not everyone succeeds. Why so? Two sides of the same coin called "sales" The first picture, which I often observe. The seller strives to please the customer, diligently spuds him and is even ready to dance, but sales do not go. A client comes in, eager to be impressed with the product, and a conversation begins from people from different planets.

Studying Central Asia: a theory about character accentuation

Everything always rests on the knowledge of Central Asia. All courses, all textbooks, all webinars and specialists talk about working with Central Asia. Central Asia is everywhere. Without it - no way. Target audience and psychology In this article we will approach the study of the target audience from the unpopular side - psychological. Why unpopular? Because psychology in this case resembles a soap bubble: there are many methods for character determination, use it — I don’t want it!

Radio advertising: how to stand out in white noise

I like to write scripts for commercials on the radio. But, when I send a response from a resume to a vacancy, in response I often get some ridiculous conditions for cooperation. A couple of times she ran into rudeness if she wanted to change these conditions in her favor. Recently, during the regular debates about the conditions, the client explained: Now we closely cooperate with them, on acceptable terms, and I am pleased to receive from managers here such feedback: In general, colleagues, I share my experience.

Typology of "a cat in a bag". Not all franchises are equally useful.

I have been doing business security for a long time. The main direction is to check the reliability of companies before concluding transactions. But almost a year ago, the guys, "burned" on various franchises, started to ask me for help. And since my method of checking companies is quite universal, I, with a few modifications, decided to try it out on franchises.

Stop fighting for rubles: how to make profitable deals

Imagine a large grocery market. Morning. You are buying a ripe watermelon. It leaves you at 120 rubles, and the seller behind him has a huge wagon full of watermelons — he needs to sell. Rummaging in your pockets, you found two bills: 100 and 5000 rubles. Trade has just begun, so getting change from the five will be problematic.

10 discount facts you should know

Your potential and existing customers are already actively exploring virtual and real shelves and counters, counting on New Year's discounts and sales. Probably, you have already prepared holiday price tags and increased sales staff in order to have time to serve everyone. And before you start the sale, read the 10 important facts about discounts.

10 common mistakes in sales

It's no secret that the main goal of any commercial company, regardless of its size and profile, is to make a profit. The amount of profit, in turn, depends on the number of successful transactions that you enter into with your customers, or, more simply, the number of sales. They determine the fate of your business.

10 myths about lead quality

As one of the criteria for the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, internet marketers use lead quality. Sometimes experts misjudge this criterion and make the wrong decisions. This is due to the myths about leads and their quality. The most common ones are described below. What are leads and why assess their quality There are several explanations for the term "lead."

UTP rehabilitation: from tyzhkreklamy to invention

The light of true UTP touched me in 2005, at the exhibition "Advertising". Having walked around the three exhibition halls at the Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya, I asked 70 stand makers the same question: How is your advertising agency better than its competitors? And received 69 answers "our prices are lower." Only at the 70th booth, art director Irina replied, "Our USP is individual design projects."

Should I use sex and erotica in advertising

The heading has a strange question, right? "Sex sells" - this formula is known to all marketers. Largely due to the aggressive use of erotica in marketing campaigns, underwear manufacturer Victoria's Secret has built a global business. A supplier of automobile tires Pirelli managed to make their product almost glamorous with the help of the famous annual photo calendar.

Why marketers and sellers need to work in a team

Marketing and sales are changing under the influence of consumers who have in their pockets a gadget with Internet access. Sellers are finding it harder to make deals: buyers want to buy on their own, and not remain sales items. Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to sell, staying away from sellers and customers.

Customer Relations: What to do if things go awry

Imagine that you spent several long days (or even weeks) working tirelessly on a project for a client. And now, finally, the project is completed, and you are waiting for payment for it. But she is still not there. A few weeks of wrangling with the customer does not bring results. It turns out that he believes that he owes you nothing!

How to solve problems in sales that marketers blame

Almost every organization had such a story: at the planning meeting, management and employees looked for those responsible for the failure of the sales plan. And in almost every company, the marketing department was ever guilty. The management of the company and the sellers hung all the dogs on marketing, and they fought back. They say that our work is not about selling at all, or rather about selling, but not about us.