147 options for reaching the audience

The material was prepared by Ivan Shkirya, the founder of Callibri. "Good evening, good evening, my dear. My tender, my evil and sullen, upset and delighted. Hello, my different, hello, my identical," - so beautiful babe Nonna welcomed "Like a radio". To list in an ensemble of everyone to whom you are applying, the reception is interesting, but it is unlikely to suit most of those who regularly contact with the audience.

5 examples of crowdfunding rewards

The material was prepared by Natalya Ignatenko, PR manager of the crowdfunding platform Planeta.ru. Crowdfunding (or collective funding) is often confused with charity, but the words "donations" and "donors" refer to the perky crowd campaigns of musicians or serious business projects sound strange.

How neural networks are changing the world of marketing and why you should think about it

The article was written specifically for TexTerra by the editors of the blog TeachLine. Every day in the news feed I read about new achievements of neural networks. The neural network predicted the obesity of residents using satellite images of cities, the neural network was taught to diagnose depression according to the patient's speech, the neural network was taught to qualitatively divide objects in the photo.

How to raise sales through promotions and discounts. Instruction

The material was prepared by Alexey Vazherkin, project manager at NIRIS studio. Stocks are a great tool to increase sales. While working with client projects, we have compiled a list of recommendations in order to make the shares work. Read it below. Popular types of promotions Promotions at a discount In this case, we offer a discount on a particular product or service.