How not to fall into the trap of PPC-metrics

Measuring performance is key to the success of PPC campaigns. Therefore, marketers spend a lot of time studying reports and analyzing data. However, sometimes even experienced experts make wrong conclusions, relying on simple and clear metrics. From this article you will learn what happens when seemingly obvious truths turn out to be delusions, and “reinforced concrete” metrics fail marketers and reduce the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Contextual advertising will be mobile by the end of 2015

If you attract customers with contextual advertising, immediately pay attention to the habits and needs of the mobile audience. According to Marin Software, by the end of next year more than half of the clicks on contextual ads will be made from smartphones and tablet PCs. This fact was established during the annual contextual advertising market research of the Global Advertising Index 2014.

Contextual advertising: agencies VS aggregators

I read here the article of the general director of the service context aggregator. The article is good: it is very vital to describe the existing problems of the agencies involved in contextual advertising. Problems, undoubtedly, are, on them we will be run a little lower. But the decision to change to the contextual aggregator is not very convincing.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of contextual advertising?

Why contextual advertising exceeds other types of paid ads on a number of performance criteria? It turns out that a third of users consider advertisements in the SERP as natural results of issuance. And a quarter of web users do not even notice that Google is advertising something. Where did this data come from and what do they mean to marketers?

7 Google AdWords Tricks to Improve Your PPC Campaigns

Managing PPC campaigns is hellish work. Endless routine, jungle settings, similar to each other actions and no drive. The more interesting are the tricks described below: they simplify work with Google AdWords and increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising. Trick 1: Take advantage of long headlines Don't be surprised, but some advertisers still find a long headline in the top ad unit on the issue page as a preference for the elect.

5 secrets of effective retargeting

Do you want to increase the CTR of ads 10 times? Then you need to understand the secrets of retargeting. According to Digiday, the click-through rate of contextual advertising shown to users who have visited your site is 10 times higher than this indicator for standard advertising. Moreover, the conversion rate of return traffic is 70% higher compared to new visits.

[FAQ] How to watch competitors in Yandex.Direct

When launching contextual advertising, like any other advertising campaign, it is important to evaluate the competition and analyze their actions. Only here you should not be interested in all competitors in the niche as a whole, but only those that are advertised in the same contextual advertising system that you are. It is with their proposals that you will have to fight for the attention of the target audience.

What is YAN and how does it work? We get leads for a penny

The main advantages of working with the Yandex advertising network are simple setup, a large audience. In many subjects the visitor’s price is cheap. And "cheap" is not a form of speech, in many niches the cost of a visitor’s transition to your website may be less than 1 ruble. The Yandex Advertising Network is a system that, through partnership with thousands of website and application owners, allows you to display advertisements to the audience of these projects.

Target audience: why know your client

Where does any business start? From the client. You already know who wants to buy a product from you or use your services? In this article, you will learn how to identify your target audience. Target audience: what is it and when is it? Target audience (CA) is a group of users to which some promotional activities are directed, in which advertisers are interested and / or who are interested in any information.

How to order the maintenance of contextual advertising: a reminder for the advertiser

Imagine the situation: you delegate the setting and maintenance of contextual advertising to the contractor, while you yourself are engaged in the development of business. In a perfect world, it works. The entrepreneur creates and sells the product, and the Yandex.Direct specialist and Google AdWords ensure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In reality, problems begin at the stage of choosing a partner.

Radical changes in Yandex.Direct. What to expect the market context?

"Yandex" changes the design of the search results and the conditions for participation in the auction "Direct". If earlier advertisers paid extra for a place in the issue, then now they will pay for traffic interest. About this newspaper "Kommersant" said the commercial director of "Yandex" Leonid Savkov. "If earlier advertisers calculated their budget from logic," the higher the place in issue, the more expensive it is and brings more clicks, "now the price will increase with the amount of additional targeted traffic that the advertiser receives, the company explains," the newspaper writes.

Yandex.Direct Retargeting: A Step-by-Step Guide From Scratch

Retargeting is a mechanism for displaying advertising only to those individuals who have already been somehow connected to us. These are site visitors or contact information for our clients: email addresses or phone numbers. The meaning is as follows. If a person came to the site, we already know certain information about him: what exactly interested him and which pages he visited.

Is your website ready for Direct?

Content Management We begin our article with the basic principles of an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct. If this information is redundant for you, you can skip ahead to the item “Preparing a site for an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct”. But we must stop at this. Unfortunately, too many calls to us come from people who want to order contextual advertising, while not understanding even the basic things.