What happens if you leave artificial intelligence unattended?

Independent AI Although it is already a bad form - to mention last year's Alpha Go and a man in the first paragraph, let's start with this example. He is interested in us because this is perhaps the first adequate case of "self-learning AI". There are many other examples, but to this day they have not left the laboratories and are generally unknown to the general public.

Bots from the next world: how neural networks will make you immortal

On February 25, 2015, the Luka app appeared in the App Store - a bot that tracks tastes and habits, and then recommends a suitable restaurant or cafe. Soon an entertainment assistant, a news search engine, a game chat bot were added to the main robot. In the fall of 2016, a startup Luka announced a service for creating a special bot - an exact digital copy of a person who will “live” after you and will completely replace you on the Internet.

Robot journalism: robots injected - happy man?

Cyber ​​journalist versus bio journalist: still a draw In May 2015, Scott Horsley, an NPR correspondent in the White House and a former business journalist, challenged the Automated Insights Wordsmith writing algorithm. “We wanted to know,” writes NPR, “how our best pen will show itself against the machine.”