How to type from 7 000 readings per week in Yandex.Dzen

He is praised or abused, but not indifferent. Oh, great Yandex.DZen, how many talents have you ruined? How many intelligent writers made you doubt your syllable and abilities? How many nuggets did not show the world ?!

But I also went to Zen in order to realize myself, but it turned out ... to make money! And, you know, I realized that the platform should be treated as a naughty girl, who at any time can wag her tail and go to her best friend. Do not look for logic in this, better catch life hacking - they will help to quickly get to monetization, it is easy to collect from 7 to 10 thousand readings per week.

It is strange that you do not use it yet!

As I started in "Zen" and immediately got a "dog"

I learned about Yandex.DZen from a single telegram channel. The author, a twenty-year-old boy, assured that he earns from 1.5 to 5 thousand rubles a day on service, and writes about 1-2 articles per day.

Matter of course, I did not believe it. Such boas full of internet. But from the channel did not unsubscribe. I read it and shook something on my mustache.

I registered my first channel in Yandex.Dzen in February 2019. Of course, I wanted to bring benefit to people and write what I understand. That's why I started this a la mama blog. Every day I wrote one article, scored 10 hits a day and made sure that I, apparently, were so-so mother ...

The channel abandoned to start a new one in a couple of days. This time I decided to try myself in humor - I wrote stories on behalf of my cat in the format of a diary. It went, it seems, not bad, but ...

The topics were exhausted too quickly, it was difficult to write at least one article on behalf of the cat every day. And then I was completely blocked.

I just dropped my hands. I experienced the same thing as the author of 111 articles - disappointment in Zen and a complete unwillingness to write anything at all.

I had enough for a week. And I decided to try again. Yes, here I am so stubborn. But this time decided to act differently, smarter.

Work on the bugs - a new channel and the choice of a successful topic.

Smarter, then, first explore the "enemy", and then with him to "fight." You can judge me, but I went to the Zen courses. Yes, by the same guy, whom a month ago she was very skeptical about.

I do not even want to discuss this topic: I think that I saved a lot of time. Although I did not recognize anything supernatural, all this is freely available. Just here I was carried on a silver platter with the notorious border.

Personally, it seemed to me that, having come to Zen, you need to decide for yourself immediately: do you want to earn or bear the benefit of the readers. Because, unfortunately, one almost always mutually excludes the other.

Bearing benefit is also possible, but with the mind, and for this you need special knowledge. They, for example, can be obtained on the author's course Glavred TexTerra.

Every day, I am convinced more and more: the Zen audience with great pleasure reads about the stars, family fights and ways to save. And about politics (but you need to be very careful about this topic, there are bans there at every turn).

It turns out that you always have a choice: go on a simple path and start writing on pop themes or stay true to yourself - writing is useful and high-quality, but it takes longer to go for monetization.

So, I became the happy owner of the channel in the subject of family relations and ... in 3 days I went to monetization (I gained 7,000 readings).

Simple tips for monetization in 2-3 days

Meet on "Zen" on clothes, because the design of the channel - the first thing.

This will help simple and free services:

  1. Flatonika. Here you can make a round, square and any other avatar, beautifully decorate it and save it to your computer.
  2. Imgonline. Superimposes on the image color filter, creating unique photos.

Channel description let it be simple, but catchy. You can take an interesting quote - this is a common technique.

Avatar must meet the following criteria:

  • there is a connection with the subject of the channel;
  • no small details that have to peer;
  • no inscriptions;
  • everything is noticeable and understandable.

Before giving the name of your channel, check it through the search. Do not take other people's names - this dramatically reduces the chances of success. Yes, with high probability the channel will fall into the content ban, if plagiarism is in the title.

Now, get ready to spend at least a couple of hours behind the computer (or maybe all five) hours. You need to write 10 articles at once and create 10 narratives for your channel. This is necessary to make "karma" and to give the algorithm to understand what your channel is about, to whom to show it. This is the first step towards monetization.

Do not forget about the design of the article itself. Highlight headings and subheadings, insert pictures, make quotes and links. The reader's eye should cling to the "hooks" of your text. "Canvas" is unpleasant to the eye and reduces views.

The second step is to choose from the ten articles those 2-3 that went better than the others, and write ten more articles and narratives already on these topics. A simple example: on another channel (I'll talk about it a little later), I had a cool article about saving methods. Guess how many similar articles I wrote later? And all of them, by the way, went with a bang. The total number of views on them - about a million!

The third step is to once again analyze and select again 2-3 topics, which again will be multiplied into 10 articles and narratives. With this approach (and provided that the subject is chosen correctly), monetization is connected in 2-3 days.

Remark: if on the second day you see a decrease in hits and views, start a new channel. Most likely, this will not work. Everything is possible, of course, but it is better not to waste time.

And finally, the fourth item - tags. Add only those that really exist on Zen, and not those that have arisen in your head. To check if a tag exists, add it after // and follow the link. If there is one, a page with the requested and related tags will appear.

An important point: do not expect huge profits immediately after the monetization. Advertising revenue is 40-120 rubles for every thousand views. In the best scenario, to get 1000-2000 rubles per day, you need to have at least 8-10,000 views daily.

Layfkhak, which helped bring the channel to 10-20 thousand readings and 500-1000 rubles a day

Every day, writing 10 original articles and narratives is too tiring - with such a rhythm you will “blow away” in a week. I share with you a useful life hack that will help increase the number of views in articles:

  1. Create a new article.
  2. Beautifully make out her.
  3. Enter the correct tags.
  4. Now post a link to any of your old article.

This is a powerful tool for increasing views. When the Zen algorithm sees that the readers come to the article "from the outside" (and not from the impressions it gives itself), it will raise it to the rank of actual ones and add more views.

Do not expect the result to appear momentarily. Sometimes the algorithm takes about 1-2 weeks. For example, my article about how I saved up 100,000 rubles, initially gained about 200 views, but after a week - more than 78,000.

And remember: "Zen" looks like a naughty girl. Do not throw service longer than 1-2 days. Ideally, publish 1-2 articles and narrative daily.

Who doesn't even have to start in Zen

I deliberately rendered this topic separately. I want to immediately warn those who are looking for freebies or easy money for "Zen" - alas, they are not here. This is plowing. And the real one. Especially at the very beginning of the channel, at least up to the first thousand subscribers.

But then no one gives a guarantee that it will become easier.

If it seems to you that you are writing 20 articles on the banal topic of "family relations" - just sit down and do it. But at the same time your articles should be:

  • original,
  • unfinished
  • no clickback header
  • do not violate the rules of "Zen" (of which - the car).

Of the benefits, in my opinion, the lack of any control. Nobody demands anything: if you want, write, if you don't, don't write. But in order to have a stable income, you need to simultaneously conduct 3-5 channels. And this is time. Without rest, weekends and hospital.

Why I do not consider "Zen" as a stable source of income, although now it brings normal money

The reasons for which I do not consider "Zen" as a stable source of income:

  1. Unexpected bans.
  2. Constant changes in the algorithm.

In the first case, neither the kilometer correspondence with technical support, nor the proof that your content is original or original will help. You will just be sent to the unit for 2 weeks.

Getting out of the ban is a big deal. It is necessary to remove all articles from the channel, write 3 new ones and wait until the new articles are checked. Then only they gradually begin to give views.

I did not have the patience. I did not pull out my channels from the bans - I just created new ones and quickly brought them to monetize. I appreciate my time.

The second case is the pain of each author in Yandex.DZen. It is impossible to understand how the algorithm works, and what to do to make the article exactly popular. A theme that went great yesterday may not get impressions today. This, of course, directly affects earnings, it is unstable and unpredictable.

So in conclusion: do not take Yandex.DZen too seriously. Deep research and analytical materials will not help in 2-7 days to go for monetization. Choose a pop theme if you want to make money fast.

And do not start a channel if your soul is too vulnerable to survive the bans, restrictions in shows and communication with technical support specialists who respond with soulless patterns.

Good luck!

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