40 extensions for Google Chrome, required in the work of internet marketer

The work of an internet marketer is so complex and diverse that it simply can not do without the help of various tools. Keep an updated list of super useful plugins for Google Chrome. All of them, before getting into this material, were thoroughly tested for the presence of bugs and usability.

Design tasks: screening, color and font detection, image search, adaptability testing

1. FireShot

FireShot extension for creating screenshots - it allows you to capture the entire page, its visible area or region and take a screenshot using hotkeys. To take advantage of additional features - annotations, graphics, printing, sending by e-mail and the network, you need to purchase a Pro-version, the cost of which is almost $ 40.

Note: the extension does not work in the Chrome gallery, you can use it by calling the context menu with the right mouse button.

2. Imgur Uploader

Imgur Uploader is a replacement for the original Imgur, removed from the Chrome web store, but with a smaller set of features.

The extension allows you to upload any picture, share it in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit) or take a screenshot. In order to use it, you need to call the context menu - the extension does not work in the Chrome gallery.

3. Colorzilla

With Colorzilla, you can use the eyedropper to take a color from anywhere in your browser and determine its number. An indispensable thing for designers.

4. What Font

A typical situation - you liked the font on one of the sites, but you do not know what it is called. Climb into the codes and look for the name for too long (and many do not even know how to do it). With the What Font extension, you only need a couple of seconds. You just move your mouse over the word you need and get the name of the font. Works with both Latin and Cyrillic fonts.

5. Resolution Test

With the help of Resolution Test you can see how a web page looks on various types of screens. You can add any of your own to the standard set of permissions.

6. User-Agent Switcher

Allows you to check how your site looks on different types of platforms.

Work with information: express translation and text analysis, convenient search, systematization and sharing

7. Google Dictionary

The fastest way to translate the right word into English. You simply select it and click on the extension icon. Very comfortably.

8. "Glavred"

A plugin that helps clear text from all verbal garbage, to put materials in order, according to the rules of the info style.

9. LanguageTool

The extension checks your texts for spelling and grammatical errors anywhere on the Internet - reads fields in social networks, mail, etc. The site still has a plug-in for Google Docs, an add-in for Word, and even a desktop version that works without the Internet. By the way, a huge plus that 25 languages ​​are supported: you can check texts in English, German, etc.

10. Multicopy

The extension adds an item to the menu that allows you to save (and not lose) several pieces of text at once. More convenient than multiple "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V" somewhere in Word or Notepad.

11. Characters and words counter

A simple extension for counting characters / words in any selected text. The scope is not limited to copywriting: marks are considered when preparing advertisements, meta tags, etc. In the settings of the plugin, you can choose what to display: characters with spaces, word count or number of characters without spaces.

12. Evernote Web Clipper

The coolest extension for saving articles, bookmarks, pictures and other content. However, to use it, you need an account in Evernote. Are you not in Evernote yet? What are you waiting for? Urgently register! It's no wonder that this service has so many fans.

13. Spell Checker for Chrome

Checks spelling. No need to open Word and wait for it to load.

14. OneTab

With the OneTab extension, you can save 95% of the browser’s memory, as well as get rid of the clutter on the tab bar. When you have many pages open, you simply click on its icon and collapse all tabs into a neat list. To deploy them, just click on the “Restore it” button.

15. Dualless

Divides your monitor into two parts. The size of the windows is customizable.

16. Print Friendly & PDF

Removes ads, navigation menu and all the rest of the trash before printing a web page. Also allows you to edit the document and save it in pdf format.

17. Convertio

A useful extension for converting files from one format to another. Over 2,500 different combinations are supported: rar in zip, pdf in jpg, epub in pdf, png in ico and many others.

Productivity: time tracking, task management

18. Block site

When you understand which sites are your main time-killers, you will probably want to somehow reduce your time spent on them. And since the dependency is already strong enough, without help you can hardly cope. The solution to this problem is to expand the Block site. With it, you can either completely block the site, or specify the time when it should be blocked (for example, during business hours - from 9 to 18). Then you definitely will not be tempted to climb on the pages "VKontakte".

In the Chrome gallery, the extension does not work, you can use it by selecting "Block this link" in the menu.

19. Extensity

Extension for managing extensions (sorry for tautology). One click turns on and off plugins. I think after reading this article you will definitely need it.

20. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is an extension that makes Google Chrome less greedy by suspending tabs that are not currently in use. The time for which the tabs will be suspended can be set by yourself.

21. RescueTime

A great application for fans of procrastination and in general everyone who wants to control their time, or at least just to understand what it is spent on. Lists of distracting / productive sites are configured.

22. Tomato Clock

The simplest time management tool that works by the method of "tomato". The "Tomato" button starts the countdown for 25 minutes, when the time expires, a beep sounds. Then, respectively, it is necessary to choose - a short or long break. There are statistics.

SEO, web development, security: site statistics, keyword selection, technical audit

23. Yandex Wordstat Assistant

For those who are not ready to pay for Key Collector. The expansion greatly speeds up the manual collection of search queries from Wordstat.

24. RDS bar

Expansion for quick analysis of basic SEO indicators: PR, Alexa Rank, incoming links, etc.

25. NoFollow

Finds and highlights the no-follow tag and the no-index meta tag with a red frame.

26. Wappalyzer

An extension that shows which web technologies were used in the development of a site. Shows CMS, installed counters, programming language, etc.

27. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank provides site data (traffic, average download time) that you visit without interrupting your browsing. You can also see how this site looked in the past using the Wayback Machine service, related links, etc.

28. SEOquake

SEOquake is an extension that provides data on the main indicators of search engine optimization sites and a detailed analysis of search results pages, and also allows you to conduct SEO audits for technical preparation for site promotion work.

29. Check My Links

The Check My Links extension highlights all links on the page, broken - red, the rest green.

30. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

This extension shows with what tools the site being viewed was “built” and what analytics, advertising, tracking, and communication services it uses.

31. SimilarWeb

This plugin measures the amount of traffic to the site and its sources, shows behavioral metrics (bounce rate, time on the site, etc.). Essential for analyzing competitors, evaluating sites for external content marketing.

Work with social networks and YouTube: site evaluation, convenient search and content posting, analytics

32. Social Book Post Manager

Facebook post manager. Allows you to massively delete them, change privacy settings, manage likes.

33. Pepper panel

Tool for quick analysis of communities "VKontakte". Shows the gender and age of subscribers, if there are more than 1,000. You can track your favorite group for free after registering and joining the service community. To use parsers you will have to buy a subscription from 490 rubles per month.

34. Pablo

The easiest tool for creating images for social networks. For a minute you can upload photos, select a template and format, add text. Source images and texts can be copied to Pablo in one click from any resource.

35. Giphy for Chrome

The extension allows you to quickly add gifs from the giphy.com library to Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

36. VidIQ

A cool plugin for viewing statistics on your YouTube channel and analyzing competitive ones (by involvement, views, etc.). Also, the tool is useful for selecting tags and advanced video embedding.

Business correspondence by e-mail: tracking letters, quick search for contacts on the site, autocomplete

37. Email Finder

The extension instantly finds email addresses on websites, thereby saving time in searching for contacts. There is also a built-in function for checking mailboxes for performance. The plugin is useful when communicating with webmasters, sending out vacancies and commercial offers.

38. Gmail Snippets

The plugin that speeds up correspondence in Gmail allows you to insert frequently used phrases using short commands. The default is in English, but everything is quietly edited, you can also add new shortcuts.

39. Streak CRM for Gmail

Another extension for Google-mail, only it turns the interface into a kind of CRM-system. You can group messages, track the status of the transaction, speed up the sending of letters through templates.

40. Mailtrack for Gmail

An extension that allows you to find out if the letter has been read by the addressee. It can be used free of charge and unlimited, but with an advertising tool in the signature. However, it turns off for only $ 2.5.

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