30+ best longrid in internet marketing from Texterra

Recently, our blog has published a lot of useful materials in various areas of Internet marketing. We decided to collect the best of them in one collection. Keep in your bookmarks, not to lose.

Detailed Guides

  1. Promotion in Instagram: the most detailed instruction (2018)

Wrote a huge guide on the promotion in Instagram. This is the most comprehensive guide on this topic on the Internet - we guarantee. Read to all!

  1. Registration community "VKontakte": the most detailed guide in RuNet (2018)

Detailed guide on registration groups "VKontakte". The material is voluminous, but it is worth it - having studied it from cover to cover, you will be able to impose any group, even if you have never done it before.

  1. The complete guide to Google Docs: everything you didn't know about, but were afraid to ask (2018)

The complete guide to using popular, and most importantly, free text editor from Google: from basics to advanced features.

  1. What is a semantic core and how to make it (2018)

An excellent guide to compiling the semantic core. From it you will learn: how to create a site structure, what you need to know about keywords, what tools you can use to find keys, how to select keywords, how to group keywords, and what to do with the semantic core.

  1. Detailed guide to Google AdWords (Google Ads) for beginners: how to set up contextual advertising (2018)

Keep up-to-date Google Adwords Guide! A couple of hours for this article - and a new work tool in your pocket.

  1. How to work in Yandex.Direct: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018)

The contextual advertising system "Direct" is popular with advertisers. Under the link you will find a step-by-step guide on Yandex.Direct for beginners.

  1. Promotion of the community in social networks: from concept to profit (2017)

We talked with Ilya Rabchenk, the founder of the well-known "Directors Club" community, about his strategy of promoting business communities in social networks. It turned out useful article.

  1. Promotion "VKontakte": 75 tips for the promotion of the group (2017)

Supergide on the promotion of "Vkontakte". In the article you will find 75 practical tips and a whole sea of ​​useful services. No water. Required reading!

  1. How to advance in Facebook: full step by step guide to the promotion of the page (2017)

SuperGuide promotion on Facebook. Information is current. Read and apply this knowledge in practice!

  1. How to develop a personal brand in Facebook. Notes of one captain (2017)

Article from the beloved by many Natalia Zayats on the unwritten rules for maintaining the page on Facebook. The data in the article tips are suitable for any other social network.

  1. Guide to content types: mindmap + examples and instructions for each format (2018)

At the mention of the word "content", most will think about the texts, some - about the pictures, some will remember the videos that they recently watched on YouTube. But the content can be not only read and watch, but also listen, create, play it (yes, yes!). In this article we tried to collect the maximum variety of content

  1. What is Vkontakte Targeting and How to Configure It: A Beginner's Guide (2018)

The VKontakte team is constantly working on improving the advertising office, so we updated the VKontakte targeting guide - read the actual information in the article!

  1. Contests "Vkontakte": how to get the desired results and not to "catch" a ban (2017)

Exhaustive material for the contest "VKontakte". With a huge number of examples from real groups. If you want to hold really effective contests - this article is for you.

  1. How to promote a channel on YouTube: a complete guide for beginners (2017)

From our guide, you will learn how to promote your YouTube channel, draw attention to your videos and gain a lot of subscribers.

  1. How to make a cool presentation if you are not a designer (2016)

A chic guide, having read that, you can create a high-quality presentation, even if you have never touched the designer’s tools in your life.

  1. Longrid about longridah. What's new, I learned about Longridah for the year working with them (2016)

Marina Voitovich talks about what she learned about the Longrid over the year working with them. Great read!

Article Lists

  1. Storeys on Instagram: 100+ ideas for posting (2018)

Epic work! More than 100 ways to use the story in Instagram for business. Stock up on popcorn!

  1. Knowledge - strength: 90 courses on internet marketing + 5 sites for online training (2018)

The Internet is full of life, so the selection of internet marketing courses needs to be updated all the time. What we did - 90 great courses for internet marketers in one place. There are plenty to choose from.

  1. Everything about SMM: 112 articles and videos that will make you a pro (2018)

Collected the most fiery articles on SMM in one material. Completely updated the list so that you have at hand an up-to-date online social media promotion library.

  1. 98 articles for self-study content marketing (2018)

Do content marketing or just want to start? This selection will help in any case! Here are collected relevant articles, guides, cases and interviews - everything you need to know to consider yourself a competent specialist.

  1. 200 best books for internet marketers (2017)

In this article you will find a list of books and textbooks for internet marketers. They are combined into thematic sections: content marketing, SEO, contextual advertising, copywriting, SMM, web analytics, email marketing, design, usability, marketing, sales, as well as motivating books for business success and personal growth.

  1. Review of 17 shareware programs for creating mind maps (2017)

In the collection there are popular services for drawing and little-known. They differ in design, export capabilities, ease of management.

  1. 46 films about sales, marketing, management and business (2017)

Tired of learning books and videos? Switch to movies! In them you will find no less useful information than in the records of lectures and trainings of famous sellers.

  1. Which groups in social networks should you subscribe to if you are interested in internet marketing and business? (2017)

If you are just starting to comprehend Internet marketing and still do not know in which direction to look and where to look for the right information, this article will help you. In it, we have gathered the most interesting communities on Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter and Telegram, dedicated to internet marketing.

  1. 68 types of content for social networks for business tasks: infographics + examples (2018)

An indispensable guide to developing a content plan in accordance with the task at hand for business. Infographics to help.

  1. 700+ best tools for integrated website promotion (2018)

In this material, we have collected everything that is necessary for the Internet marketer for the integrated promotion of sites: useful software (programs and plugins) and a lot of online services.

  1. 53 text writers and editors whose articles are worth reading. (2017)

Why stew in your own juice if you can learn from the mistakes of others and learn from the experience of other people. In the selection: 53 editors, journalists and copywriters, for the activities that are to be monitored.

  1. 29 services for Facebook admins (2018)

To simplify your life and allow you to use your page to the fullest, we have compiled a list of useful services for page administrators on Facebook. The selection includes Russian-language, free or relatively inexpensive services.

  1. Advertising "Vkontakte": 100+ examples for inspiration (2016)

The article was written at the end of 2016, but still has not lost relevance. Who has a gag with invent ads? We recommend to add this material to your bookmarks and return to it for inspiration.

  1. 76 resources for those who need free designer content: icons, fonts, templates, logos (2018)

To make the Vkontakte group, website, presentation, or booklet a little friendlier, it’s not necessary to hire a design team and violate copyrights. Sometimes it's enough to make a logo and favicon on your own, and find free designer content online.

  1. 26 services for analyzing competitor sites (2018)

Monitoring competitors will help not only identify their strengths and weaknesses, but also understand what your company should strive for and in which direction to go. In this article, we will look at 26 tools that can be used to monitor competitor sites.

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