Video vs Text - no such dilemma

Today, with the speed of light, the role of visual content in Internet marketing is growing. You probably heard it, and to agree with this, we do not need confirmation in numbers. People love videos - this is too obvious a fact. But sometimes they add some meaning to this statement: once the role of the video grows, it means that you need to create video podcasts and stop spending serious efforts on text and any other content, because everything else works worse.

Perhaps this topic is not worth a great article. And we wouldn’t touch on it - why, it would seem, to prove to everyone the obvious thing: that increasing the audience’s interest in one type of content does not mean the need to abandon a comprehensive approach to blog content-content. But the fact is that lately we have been confused by several representatives of our audience: why write articles, they think, if the video is more effective? And since the thing that seemed obvious to us does not seem so to everyone, then you should express your point of view on this question.

Online - digital copy of offline

The trick is that all trends in inbound marketing, deeply integrated into human interests and needs, are projections of the trends that are traced in real life. If people stop reading everything except jokes, content marketers will respond by posting funny stories on their topics. If people stop viewing simple infographics and read only interactive, marketers will do the latter.

And from this point of view, the interest in video production is a response to the trend that can be traced offline: each of us in the evening after work, if there is no heavy burden hanging over our souls, likes to fall on the sofa and watch an interesting film.

Does the video drive?

Studies say that a person perceives visual information faster than text, it is easier to capture in memory, and in principle, it seems to someone that reading is work, and watching a movie is entertainment. Why is that? The visual form of content is attractive to people precisely because it is most adequate to life: the video has everything that exists in reality: real people, real things, nature, animals, the sky is as blue as in life, lively speech, music, whose beauty You can appreciate it by listening and not reading about how beautiful it is.

In a word, it is not necessary to strain the brain, to include the frontal lobe, which is responsible for abstract thinking and imagination, in order to “build” the image of the hero in your head, to present the event that is described in the text. The video shortens the process of our immersion in information and the conclusion of logical conclusions from it: in the article, for example, you write that the overture from the opera "Tannhäuser" by Richard Wagner was sounded (and only those familiar with this opera will immediately present the picture more fully and those who are not familiar will have to either spit on this fact or climb on YouTube and listen to the overture there). You see - again YouTube, reducing the process of consuming and digesting information: why talk about music, if you can listen to it and even see how it is performed?

It would seem that the obvious fact is that video content rules, this is confirmed by life itself. Yes, but ... As always, these "but." There is no reality without them.

Text is the basic thing in communication

Can you create a video podcast without a screenplay? You need the text to bring your message to the audience. There are videos made “without words” - often domestic, not representing commercial value, posted on the Internet by ordinary Internet users - about how, for example, crows ride from the icy roof (by the way, they like to watch it once) . But to create a commercial "without words" you already need a script. At least here is so concise:

The super gadget, glittering in the sun with all its facets, all so steep, lies on the roadway. On it drives a truck. And the gadget is about a miracle! - remains intact. Inspiring music. Significant close-up of a superhero survivor. A curtain.

Speech is as much an integral part of reality as visual and auditory images. Is it possible to imagine sapiens who cannot express their ideas in verbal form? These would be creatures that were not very far from the great apes in their development. There is an interesting scientific theory that people developed their speech as a result of the need to tell rumors to the members of their group, that is, to transfer information to each other about their fellows as accurately as possible. This contributed to the consolidation of social ties in the group and its survival: the more clearly you explain where the danger is and the more likely it is to avoid it. This theory is well described in A. Markov’s book The Evolution of Man. An example illustrating its plausibility is also given there.

In the chimpanzee group, one of the females encroached on the life of the other one's calf. Mother fought off her cub. But the thing is that this whole story did not happen in front of the group, none of the chimpanzees saw it. Later, the offended mother approached two males with influence (we would say, authoritative) males — the bad female was at that time in their field of vision — and tried to explain to the powerful people of the world what her rival had done. Naturally, she did not have enough means of expression for the accurate transmission of information (and the most expressive means in this case, as we all understand, are speech). The males only guessed that one female was dissatisfied with the other, since the latter did something reprehensible. Probably, if they understood how reprehensible and harmful for the whole group were the behavior of a bad female, they would have taken serious measures. But chimpanzees have no speech, and therefore there is no such effective social communication as a person, there is no culture of sapiens and there is no progress, respectively.

Text is the equivalent of live speech. A more structured, clearer and more beautiful verbal expression of our thoughts. Trite, but true: the text is the quintessence of speech and therefore the main tool of our communication with each other in the online environment.

We can not live without speech. As a species, people will stop their development if they suddenly cease to pass on each other’s experience, information - to spread and increase around themselves rumors about the latest trends in the world of technology, fashion, politics, travel, food, cars, etc. What is all our endless internet with you as not creating, sharing and husking rumors. Even in the feeds of news agencies and business portals the reference to the source is a matter of ethics: according to RIA Novosti, source: ITAR-TASS. Do these standard wordings in the news remind you anything? Yes, exactly - retelling of rumors :)

And many of us are better at retelling rumors in writing than orally. There are people whom everyone knows as good bloggers, journalists and writers, that is, those who are able to express their thoughts "on paper." But these same people, in their oral speech, are not so eloquent as in the texts.

Writing is your weapon. Perhaps one of the most effective in your arsenal, if you own it professionally.

Audience cannot be content with only one type of content.

Content is the content of your message to the audience, and its form, genre, and emotional coloring may be completely different.

And the fact that the role of visual content is increasing does not mean that it increases due to a decrease in the importance of other forms of content. Today we can say that the number of bits that people are able to consume tends to infinity. And in this sea of ​​information noise in front of people there is no concrete choice: text or video, news or art books, infographics or music, cartoons or business cases. If only because the boundaries between the genres of content are actively blurring today, excluding the very possibility of a specific choice: the texts use video clips, charts, tables, audio, elements of infographics, in the infographics - texts, in animation - text inserts, etc. Today we read, watch and listen at the same time.

The role of any content on the web is growing. Do not neglect any of its type - the audience needs a variety.

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