MozBar 3.0: what can an updated SEO plugin

Moz has released a new version of the popular SEO plugin. MozBar 3.0 is available for Chrome. In the coming weeks, a version for Firefox will appear. In this article you will find an overview of the features of MozBar 3.0.

What is MozBar

MozBar is a free browser extension that provides access to site analysis and link analysis tools. Using this plugin, marketers get important information without leaving the page being viewed.

Some MozBar features are only available for a fee. However, the free extension functionality replaces many paid tools, so MozBar is included in the list of must-have plug-ins for marketers.

MozBar solves the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the search results page.
  • Research site.
  • Link analysis.

How to work with the third version of the popular extension?

SERP Analysis

When you use search engines, MozBar 3.0 shows you important data about each result on the issue page. The new version of the plugin helps marketers to look at the SERP in a new way.

This is what SERP looks like if you are using MozBar 3.0

MozBar 3.0 allows you to create search profiles for different regions and cities. It helps you to easily find "pizza delivery" in Novosibirsk and Voronezh, without using the names of geographic objects in the search.

To create a search profile, use the Search Profiles menu.

Specify geographic data and click Create Profile.

You can quickly export data on the issue page in a tabular format. To do this, simply use the "Export" button in the upper left of the page.

Also, the extension shows important metrics about sites that have fallen into issue. Users can access the metrics of Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA), as well as link analysis.

Site research

The new version of the MozBar extension allows you to receive and analyze data on the pages you are viewing. When you visit a website, MozBar 3.0 displays its PA, DA, and reference metrics. Data is displayed at the top of the page.

The plugin allows you to select open, closed, outgoing and internal links. To see if the link is closed with the nofollow attribute, you don’t have to search the page’s HTML code.

To select links, use the Highlight Links menu and select the type of links you are interested in.

With MozBar, you can quickly perform a mini-audit of a web page. Plugin users can view the following data: title, description, page load time, HTTP status, markup data and more. To analyze a page, select the Page Analysis menu.

Microdata analysis

Pay attention to the ability to analyze incoming links. Use the Inbound Links menu to view the number of inbound links and other information about the reference environment.

What's new in MozBar 3.0

MozBar users have noticed that the third version of the extension has a new design. Redesign tool associated with the expansion of its functionality.

New features include the ability to view social indicators page. You can view information about likes, tweets and +1 marks without leaving the page. You can also quickly check the validity of the micromarking.

By subscribing to the paid version, you can get information about keywords directly from the issuing page.

And if you want to forget about SEO during your lunch break, use the Shift + Ctrl + Alt + M keyboard shortcut. In this case, the MozBar disappears from the screen. The creators of the plugin claim that after installation it is updated automatically. Therefore, you do not have to check the Chrome Store in search of the latest version of your favorite tool.

MozBar 3.0: a new version of the convenient tool

SEO-browser extension MozBar 3.0 will have by the way professionals involved in website optimization. This plugin provides quick access to basic technical and social data on the page. The main functions of the plugin are available for free.

Do you use MozBar extension? How useful is this tool in practice?

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