Why the site needs AMP. Research results

Because they give a significant increase in organic traffic. So say the experts of the analytical agency Stone Temple (part of a large digital holding Perficient Digital) and the WompMobile service, which converts ordinary web pages into AMP.

Experts analyzed 9 million (!) AMP-pages on 26 different domains. The sample includes sites of various subjects - from small online stores to portals of large publishing houses. The analysis was performed using the Google Search Console service, estimating the traffic indicators of each web page before and after the introduction of AMP technology.

What is the result?

  • 77% of the studied sites increased organic traffic.
  • 27.1% - the average rate of traffic growth.
  • 33.8% - increase in the share of hits in search results
  • 15.3% increase in site clickability

The same indicators were calculated separately for informational and commercial sites. Results - on the chart.

AMP has clearly benefited commercial sites. Organic traffic grew by 32%, and the share of impressions in the issue - by as much as 42%.

How was it counted?

There is insufficient data on clicks from the Google Search Console to determine the effect of AMP on site ranking. The authors of the study relied on the “Search Visibility” metric, analyzing the frequency with which the site got into the output for certain keywords. They calculated the amount of potential traffic for each keyword and compared it with actual traffic data.

For each site, indicators were analyzed for two periods: 30 days before the introduction of AMP and 30 days after.

A logical conclusion follows from the research results - accelerated mobile pages have a positive effect on the site rating. But not everything is so simple. The authors of the study believe that the obtained data is still not enough to call the presence of AMP a direct ranking factor.

Google itself denies this. Google Voice on YouTube John Muller has repeatedly said that AMP does not affect the search ranking. But this does not diminish their benefits. Stone Temple noted the positive impact of AMP, if not on the rating of the site, then on the involvement accurately. Their bounce rate is lower, and there are more views per session.

Major brands AMP provides a competitive advantage. They guarantee a good site performance, which leads to an increase in traffic and increased customer loyalty.

Why AMP is not a panacea

The authors of the study explained why the remaining 23% of sites remained without traffic growth. This was affected:

  • Falling positions for a long time. In simple words - these sites are hopeless.
  • Seasonality. Season has a significant impact on the attendance of individual resources.
  • Niche competitiveness. No site is in a vacuum. Competing resources could also introduce AMP, which negates the effect of their implementation.
  • Initial web resource rating. The sites with high ratings didn’t achieve significant growth in AMP - they have everything in chocolate.

The original text of the study.

Unfortunately, as in any mass research, it is impossible to say with 100% probability that it was the AMP pages that gave rise in attendance (and this is evident from 23% of sites that did not grow). The increase in attendance and visibility could be caused by the addition of new content, and the optimization and updating of existing materials (which is the norm for large projects), and the growing share of mobile users in niches.

But in any case, if you optimize the site for Google, you can not ignore the recommendations of the representatives of the search engine. The share of mobile traffic is growing. Many of the changes are primarily aimed at mobile users (statements about the mobile-first index, download speed as a ranking factor, etc.). And if there is a tool that allows you to simply adapt the content for very fast work on mobile devices - it would be strange not to use it.

AMP pages are definitely worth testing. They will not bring harm, but they can raise the rating of your site in issue. If you have not worked with this format before, read the detailed AMP implementation guide on the site.

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