36 things that every novice blogger must know

Have you been thinking for a long time and finally decided to create your own personal blog? Surely, you feel like a tourist who has lost his way in a foreign country. An endless number of questions spin in your head. How to call your blog? What subjects to choose? How to promote it on the Internet? How often to post posts?

So, do not panic. You are not the first or the last person to make his first steps in the blogosphere. Thousands of people passed this way before you. And they have something to share with you. In this article, we have collected 36 conclusions to which you sometime sooner or later arrived. But why wait? Use these tips now and do not wait for life to fill you bumps.

Attention! This article is intended for beginners. If what is written in it seems banal to you or “the well-known truth”, just pass by. Do not litter the comments and do not spoil your karma.

  1. Choose a subject that is close to you

    You should be well versed in the subject matter of your blog, or at least show a great interest in it. Love to learn different recipes and delight your loved ones with new dishes? Then dedicate your cooking blog. Do you like traveling and discovering new countries and cultures? Then create a travel blog.

    Do not forget that you will write texts devoted to the chosen subject practically every day. Therefore, it must necessarily inspire you. In addition, the rest of your blog will depend on the subject: title, design, target audience, etc.

  2. Your blog must have a unique domain name.

    If you decide to start blogging seriously, you should not place your blog on foreign domains (like wordpress.com or blogspot.com). Otherwise, you will not be able to stand out against the background of thousands of other bloggers who prefer standard solutions.

    Imagine that you rented a car for a couple of days. Can you repaint it in a different color or replace it with details? Of course no. By registering your blog on a different domain, you find yourself in a similar situation. You will not have the opportunity to make the desired changes.

  3. Your first posts will not be perfect.

    And it is quite expected. Do you know at least one blogger, who from the very beginning would give out real masterpieces? Personally, I do not. You will need time and practice to become a professional.

    Take a look at children who are just learning to walk. Do they acquire this skill in a few days? Of course no. They fall, rise, fill the bumps and rise again, until finally they make their first confident step. So, do not demand too much from yourself. The time will come, and you can be proud of your posts.

  4. Decide on your copyright style.

    Do you want to be a serious, lyrical or fun author? Whatever style of presentation you choose, it should be natural for you. Do not step on your own song's throat. Do not pretend to be who you are not. Otherwise, your subscribers will immediately feel a touch of falsehood in your texts.

  5. Do not be afraid to experiment

    Having defined your “role”, you can already try something new. Do not be limited to articles. Try to write hockey. Create infographics. Take a video. You will not be able to find out what works best for you without examining various post formats.

  6. Blogging will not save you from financial problems

    If you urgently need money, and you think blogging will help you solve this problem, you are mistaken. Yes, a blog can really make you a profit. However, for this you will need at least several years. After all, it is impossible to promote your blog in just a couple of months.

    In general, blogging is not a panacea for financial difficulties. If you are completely broke, then look for other options to increase your income.

  1. The popularity of the post does not always depend on the amount of effort expended on it.

    It so happens that you spend the whole day on writing the text, put your whole soul into it and, naturally, expect the audience to appreciate all your efforts. And so, you publish your blog post, and in response - silence ... No comments, likes and shareings. And it happens the other way around. You spend on writing the post some half an hour, but it produces a real sensation. So, do not worry - give writing posts as much time as you need, taking into account the interests of your subscribers. The reaction of the audience is unpredictable, and not the fact that the material on the creation of which you have invested a lot of time and effort will surely become viral.

  2. Promote your posts on social networks

    If you are modest by nature and do not like to attract attention to yourself, then blogging is not for you. Whatever wonderful posts you write, no one will know about their existence unless you start actively promoting them in social media. So, down with modesty and timidity: it's time to tell the world about your blog!

    Post links to your posts on Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte and other social networks. Create groups dedicated to your blog and invite new members to them. Let you be called an upstart, but you will know for sure that your publications will not be ignored.

  1. Sometimes you can deviate from the topic.

    If your blog is dedicated to a specific topic, this does not mean that all your posts should affect only her. Sometimes, you may want to tell your readers something important, but "off topic." Off all doubts! Similar posts will make your blog more attractive and interesting. In the end, your audience may get bored from hundreds of monotonous posts on the same subject.

  2. Be prepared for criticism

    No matter what business you do, there will always be people who will criticize you. Blogging is no exception. You will be hurt, provoke, infuriate. In general, the rest you can not see.

    If you are faced with constructive criticism, it is even good. Perhaps this person understands something better than you. This will give you the opportunity to improve their knowledge in their subject. If this is another brazen troll, then you yourself know what to do. Put it in the ignore. So you will save your precious time and nerves.

  1. Always write, even if you have no inspiration.

    The best way to overcome creative stagnation is to start writing. Turn on your computer and type something. Let it be utter nonsense, which is incomprehensible even to you. The main thing is to take the first step: to touch the keyboard with your fingers. No wonder they say that the appetite comes with eating. Once you start typing, it will be difficult to stop. Words, phrases and sentences will flow in a stream, turning into meaningful text.

  2. You always have a chance to improve.

    Do you want to fall through the ground while reading your last post? "And why did I publish it?" - you think to yourself. Stop doing self-flagellation. After all, this is not the end of the world. Yes, perhaps your publication was not very successful. But what will prevent you from writing a new, better post to save your reputation? Is that your laziness.

  3. Post regularly

    It doesn't matter if you post posts every day or several times a month. The main thing is regularity. Develop a convenient schedule for posting and stick to it. And be sure to tell your readers how often you will delight them with new publications. This measure will not allow you to relax and chat.

  4. Immediately write down interesting ideas that come to your head

    A brilliant idea can come to you at the most unexpected moment. It may happen during a conversation with a friend, while watching a movie or even while waiting in a queue. If you do not write it down right away, then it may fly out of your head.

    So put a pen and a small notebook in your pocket every time you go outside. If you do not want to hang around with these objects all day, then their functions will be perfectly replaced by your mobile phone. Download an electronic notebook from the Internet or just write down your ideas in the form of SMS and save them in drafts. Believe me, this is a very useful skill, thanks to which you can create even more breakthrough posts.

  1. Draw inspiration from other authors

    If you want to write a humorous post, read funny stories and anecdotes. If you decide to surprise your readers with a post-poem, be sure to check out the works of great poets.

    Nobody forbids you to use other people's works as a source of inspiration. However, follow the measure - do not insolently copy them. Thereby, you will encroach on inviolable copyrights, as well as make not the best impression on your readers.

    If you use quotes from other bloggers and writers in your post, be sure to refer to the source.

  2. Be patient

    You will need a lot of time to attract a sufficient number of subscribers. So be patient.

    Do you blog for a whole year and you have "only" 100 subscribers? First, not everything, but already. This is a pretty good result. And, secondly, keep up the good work. Create relevant and interesting content, actively promote it in social networks, take into account the wishes of your audience. And then, in a year, the number of your subscribers will double or even triple.

  3. Use every free minute to good use.

    Your flight was delayed for 2 hours? Did you catch the wrong subway train? Are you serviced at a turtle-speed shop? Do not waste your time waiting. Better use it for planning or creating your next post.

    Dear drivers, stuck in traffic jams! This does not apply to you. Immersing your head in the writing of the post, you can accidentally confuse the gas with the brake. So immediately put your mobile away and look only at the road!

  4. Do not fall into despair by discovering the theft of your content.

    You spend a lot of time and effort on creating your post, and then some insolent guy just takes it and places it on your website, without even asking you for permission. Moreover, it also does not indicate a link to your publication. You are just mad, and you want to show this shameless thief where the crayfish spend the winter. Common situation?

    Well, no blogger is insured against content theft. If this happened to you, then take the appropriate measures described in our article. If this does not work, the only thing left for you to do is accept it. In the end, this situation also has some positive aspects. After all, if your content is "stolen", then it really is worth something.

  1. Use the envy of your own good

    You will always encounter bloggers who are far superior to you. Their “divine” texts will simply deprive you of speech and make you green with envy.

    Well, this is quite a normal human reaction. We are always jealous of people who have something better than ours. But do not give in to this destructive feeling. Instead, use it as an incentive to improve your skills.

    And finally stop comparing yourself with other bloggers. Each of you has his own way. Better watch your progress. Set interim goals for each month (for example, attract 10 new subscribers) and do everything possible to achieve them.

  2. Choose a suitable schedule and optimal working conditions.

    Find out at what time of day it is easiest for you to create content. Immediately after waking up? A couple of hours before bedtime? Or maybe even after a hearty three-course dinner?

    Think about the working conditions. Do you prefer to write in absolute silence while sitting at your desk? Or you can be engaged in creativity, only stretched out on a soft sofa, drinking coffee and listening to your favorite music? Well, the choice is yours. Just look do not spill your coffee on the keyboard. Otherwise, you will have to shell out for a new laptop.

  3. Change activities - the best way to relax

    If you are sitting at the computer for the second hour and cannot write two coherent sentences, do something else. Go for a walk. Read a funny story. Clean up your room.

    These actions will relieve your brain a little and it will work much better. If this does not help, postpone your work for tomorrow. Perhaps today is just not your day.

  4. You will constantly think of negative reviews.

    If your post receives 20 positive comments and 1 negative, then you will concentrate on the latter. Well, this is probably the way the human psyche works: negative events remain in our memory longer than positive ones.

  5. Someday you will lose your post

    No matter how attentive and organized a person you are, one day you will still lose one of your posts. Your computer may hang while you are writing. You can forget the name of the file in which it was saved. Or maybe you will generally become a victim of your younger brother, who will "accidentally" delete your document until you are at home.

    Even if you constantly keep all your posts on a flash drive, one day you may forget to do it. Or you can lose the flash drive. In general, do not be surprised if, at some point, one of your posts goes missing. It happens to almost everyone.

  1. Edit your posts with a fresh mind

    If you have just written a post and even checked it several times, do not rush to publish it. Leave it alone for a few hours or even a day, and only then proceed to the final editing. You will be surprised at how many errors and inaccuracies you find in your text.

    It’s not enough just to run through your post with your eyes. It is better to read it out loud - with feeling, sensibly, with the arrangement. And then you will surely find fragments that need further work.

  2. Be sincere with your audience

    It is not necessary to go all out to impress your subscribers. Just be yourself. Tell them about the issues that concern you. Share their story about your first school love. Then, your readers will understand that nothing human is alien to you.

  3. Turn off the Internet while working on posts

    You turn on your computer, open Word and are about to start working on the post. And then a crazy thought creeps into your head: “I’ll go on Facebook for a couple of minutes. See if my new photos like my friends.” Putting a blank document aside, you open your Facebook page and start reading comments. At this moment, your friend enters the site and enters into a long dialogue with you. Then you want to go to the news site, read the new post on your favorite blog, read the poster for this week, etc. So, it flies a whole hour, or even two, and you have not even written a couple of lines. And who is to blame? Of course, the Internet. Here is a scoundrel: why is there so much interesting in it?

    If you find it difficult to resist the charms of the Internet, the best solution is to disable it altogether while working. If you need any additional information for the post, prepare it in advance and save it in Word so that you do not have to be distracted by all sorts of temptations of the world wide web.

  1. No matter how old you are, you always have something to tell.

    Remember the funny incident from childhood, and your bland text will become more lively and interesting. Tell your readers about the trip that left an indelible mark on your memory. Who knows, maybe some of them will want to visit the same place after reading your post. You will never lose your way by telling your audience real stories from your life.

  2. Your posts should cause you strong emotions

    If you are laughing or crying while reading your texts, or doing these two things at the same time, this is a good sign. If your posts hurt you, then they will not leave your readers indifferent.

  3. Do not be categorical

    In life, you can not divide everything into black and white. Whatever event occurs in your life, it cannot be only good or only bad. Therefore, avoid categorical and in your blog. Include in your posts all the details, even if they seem superfluous. Only in this case, your texts will look realistic.

  4. Express your thoughts in simple language.

    Avoid heavy constructions and abstruse phrases in your posts, unless your blog is designed for academics and scientists. Imagine your subscribers are your friends. When communicating with them, would you use phrases like this: “On this basis, we came to the conclusion that each arbitrarily chosen predicatively absorbing object of rational mystical induction can be discretely determined with the application of the situational paradigm of the communicative-functional type”?

    That's it. When in doubt, whether to include certain phrases in your post, first share them with your friend. If he does not understand anything, the conclusion is obvious: you must reformulate them in simpler words.

  1. If your productivity is zero, start working for a while.

    Look at the clock and note exactly one hour from now on or set up your alarm at this time. Now, forget about all the other cases and try to write as much content as possible for this period. Don't get stuck on every sentence. Просто печатайте все мысли, которые приходят вам в голову. Ваша задача - создать максимальное количество контента. А исправить его вы сможете потом.

  2. If you cannot write the first paragraph, go directly to the second

    This technique is used by many professional journalists. You see, admission is the most difficult part of each post. You can sit for hours, buried in a clean sheet, but never write anything worthwhile. Therefore, it is not worth spending a lot of time on the first paragraph. Go to the main part of the text, and write the lead writing for later. However, it may turn out that your second paragraph will completely fall for the role of introduction.

  3. Always plan your post.

    Write down its title, the name of its points, the main theses. Thus, you will have a scheme on which you can rely. And then begin to disclose each item in more detail.

  4. Everything you post on a blog is made public.

    Therefore, you should not be too frank. Publish in your blog only the information that you would not hesitate to tell, speaking to a large audience. And let the rest remain between you and your close friends. In the end, each person must have their own secrets.

  5. Refer to your previous posts.

    This is especially useful in cases where they are directly related to the topic of the current post.

  6. Do not be afraid to admit that you are wrong.

    Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Do not be afraid to change your point of view. Do not be afraid to say: "I do not know." All this only indicates that you are an ordinary person - just like everyone else. And do people happen to be perfect?


    Road going by walking

    The main qualities that every novice blogger should have is patience, hard work and perseverance. You should always go forward, despite the many difficulties. Let you be called an upstart, talentless or amateur. Skip past all the attacks of critics and envious. Just do your job, putting all your soul into it. You'll see, it will be just a few years, and you will also join the ranks of experienced bloggers, writing your 1000th post. And then you yourself will begin to share your experience with new bloggers and will laugh at the mistakes that you made at the beginning of your journey.

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