8 phrases to be avoided in guest post applications

If you have created your blog relatively recently, guest posting is a great way to make yourself known. By placing your content on reputable sites, you get access to a large audience. And if your posts are interesting and of high quality, then you will be able to increase the popularity of your blog and gain a reputation as an expert.

However, before you post your content on someone else’s blog, you must get permission from its owner. It is at this stage that many bloggers fail. After all, the application for the placement of the guest post should be made in such a way that the owner of the blog, without hesitation, agreed.

There are a number of phrases that annoy most reputable bloggers. Unfortunately, many of us use them on the machine, without even thinking about what reaction they will cause to the owners of blogs.

Let us find out exactly what words are capable of ruining the guest blogger’s career. Having found them in your application, the blog owner will, at best, ignore your letter, and at worst - he will say everything he thinks about you, not being embarrassed in expressions ... So try to avoid the following phrases so as not to run into rudeness:

  1. "Our copywriters will write to you ..."

    Blog owners, as a rule, do not like to communicate with intermediaries. They are only interested in the person who is going to leave posts in their blogs. The thing is that they are taught by bitter experience: in most cases, the mediators offer them simply awful posts written by a team of so-called "copywriters" who even have no idea about the elementary rules of the Russian language.

    Bloggers post your posts for a reason - they are also interested in profits. Therefore, you should offer them only the best work, from which the audience will be delighted.

  2. "I offer you a guest post completely free"

    Stop! Probably, you are confusing something ... Nobody ordered a guest post from you, you yourself turned to another blogger with a request to publish it. Therefore, this phrase sounds very arrogant, as if you expect the blog owner to tell you: "What are you, what are you! Of course, I will pay you for the guest post." Remember that it is not you who provide a service to another blogger by offering him your post, but he does you a favor by giving access to his audience. Feel the difference?

    You may find blogs that offer cash rewards for guest posts. However, most of them adhere to the following philosophy: "With you - guest post, with us - the promotion of your blog."

  3. "And could you still ...?"

    If you ask another blogger about a place to put your content, try to avoid other requests. This is similar to the following situation: you are leaving somewhere for a few days and ask your neighbor to feed your fish. Imagine what kind of reaction he will have if you tell him the following: "Can you still clean the aquarium and clean up at the same time in my kitchen?" We dare to assume that your neighbor will continue to bypass you.

    The blog owner will have the same reaction: you will be blacklisted. Of course, another blogger gets some benefit from your guest post, if it is written qualitatively. However, recall the previous paragraph: YOU are asking for another person, and not for you. You are in no position to make your demands on him.

  4. "Please respond no later than ..."

    Some copywriters even manage to “threaten” the owners of the blogs in which they want to post. They warn: "If you do not answer me in the N-th number of days, then my proposal will be irrelevant."

    Again, this phrase sounds pretty rough. She says that you put yourself above another blogger. At the same time completely forgetting that this person can be very busy. Perhaps he receives hundreds of requests for a guest post every week. In addition, the owner of a popular blog is always full of tasks: he needs to plan and create content, respond to readers' comments, follow the blog statistics, etc. Why do you think that he is simply obliged to drop all his affairs and respond to your letter? Be a little more patient.

    No blogger will want to respond to your request if you already set a tight timeframe in the first letter. No one wants to read your "masterpieces" if you have the reputation of a problem person. After all, the rules of politeness and business etiquette has not been canceled.

  5. "What topic should my guest post be on?"

    Other bloggers do not know in which area you are an expert. In fact, since you offer someone a guest post, this means that you can cover a topic that this person has not yet touched (or which he simply does not understand). If you do not know what topic your guest post should be on, this indicates the following:

    - You are not an expert in this field.

    - You have not even viewed the blog in which you want to place your post, so you do not know what kind of content is published there.

    So if you offer someone a guest post, you should have at least a general idea of ​​its structure, not to mention the topic.

  6. "... a quality article based on thorough research"

    First, you are not writing an article, but a post for a blog. Therefore, you must take into account the specifics of this genre. Secondly, if you say that your work is of high quality, most likely it is not. Your texts can praise anyone (the owner of the blog, readers, etc.), but not you. Even if you are 100% sure of your knowledge, a modicum of modesty never hurts.

  7. "Dear blog editors ..."

    If you do not bother to find out the name of the blog owner, he is unlikely to believe in your interest. And since you have no idea about the specifics of the content in this blog, how can you post a guest post there?

    When using this phrase, your letter will most likely resemble spam. So do not be surprised if the blog owner does not even begin to read it, but immediately sends it to the trash.

  8. "I can write on any subject"

    If this is true, then you are just a genius or a walking encyclopedia! But, unfortunately, no one has yet managed to be a specialist in absolutely all areas. Perhaps you really are an erudite and well-read person, but this does not mean that you can write equally high-quality texts on any topic. So avoid such loud statements. Otherwise, the owner of the blog to whom you wrote, will think that you are a complete layman in his field, and will immediately delete your letter.


    Honesty is the key to success

    Experienced bloggers immediately recognize copywriters who are looking for a side job. Typical signs of the latter: patterned phrases, loud statements, ignorance of elementary rules of business etiquette.

    So if you want to win the trust of the owners of popular blogs and get permission from them to publish their guest posts, be honest with them and with yourself. You should not “knock” on blogs whose topics are completely far from your specialization. Sooner or later, the truth will emerge, and then it will be difficult for you to restore the damaged reputation.

    Prefer blogs, topics that you know like the back of your hand. Only in this case, you can create really high-quality and expert guest posts that will benefit both you and the owners of popular blogs themselves.

    Translation and adaptation of the material Allison Boyer 7 Phrases Your Guest Post Query.

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