Forget everything you knew about brainstorming

"I'll figure it all out."

You have to say it every day. In general, it is correct - if not you, then who? "I will find a solution" - this is the most common phrase that can be heard from an entrepreneur. This is normal - all businessmen sometimes have to dig debris of urgent matters and find ways out of the dead ends. This is their job, a duty that cannot be passed on to anyone. We have to resort to the method of "brainstorming" - to sort through all possible and impossible solutions to the problem, from which the most appropriate are then selected.

Surely you do the same. You do consider yourself a real entrepreneur, and now there is no turning back - as soon as an obstacle appears in front of you, you move the laptop / smartphone / piece of paper closer to you and begin to “figure it out”. Sometimes alone, sometimes together with a team, you go through the most incredible and strange options - and what if one of them turns out to be brilliant?

It turns out that brainstorming is completely different. Forget everything you knew about him - now you have to give up logic and try a new method of solving problems and performing your duties.

You cannot find the answer because you are looking too hard for it. The psychological impasse known to you from feeling “stuck” in one place is associated with a certain excess of gamma-type brain activity. Alpha, beta and gamma are all types of waves that our brain is tuned to. So, gamma activity is only enhanced by concentration on one subject. In other words, the harder you focus on your problem, the further you go into a dead end.

Concentration does not work. The state of "eureka" - insight, solving your problem - happens when you not concentrate on it. When people solve puzzles, monitoring their brain activity shows that a few seconds before the onset of the “illumination” state, gamma activity is sharply reduced, and voila! - there are quite elegant solutions to the issue. So if you want to "figure out" everything and find a way to move your business forward, just relax. If the problem on which you are stuck is not solved by traditional methods, you will be helped by a look “from nowhere” - that is, from a state where you don’t care at all.

Relaxation is a necessary process for the development of brain activity. (from obvious conclusions to the state of "eureka"). Do you know where this is going? We have a magical place in our head, where the anterior temporal gyrus is activated. It is located directly above the right ear - the house where all our brilliant ideas live.

In general, we get rid of gamma waves in our head, and instead of them switch to alpha waves. Here they will help us: the alpha activity of the brain is the opposite of gamma activity, and it rises before the "insight". Relaxation helps you to switch from the gamma wave to the alpha wave.

So, focusing on the problem does not work. So what then to do?

First of all, stop doing what you were doing.

Most likely, your feeling of being “stuck” in one place while searching for a solution to the problem prevents you from relaxing and allowing your brain to rest. After all, this has happened - can you not remember any name or name and think about it all day? First of all, turn off your head and allow yourself not to think about the problem - even if it is firmly stuck in your brain and requires an immediate solution! Remember how poems were taught in school? In the evening you cram up to blue in the face, but nothing happens. But in the morning you get up - and you give everything without hesitation.

Go for a walk, “air” your head, practice yoga or in the gym - do your best to “reboot” and unload all unnecessary processes from your RAM. After that, look for the answer in relaxation - for example, like this:

  1. Meditation

    This is not as scary as it seems at first glance. You do not have to climb to the top of the holy mountain and bow at the feet of the Zen Master. Ten minutes of being awake with your eyes closed will help increase alpha activity, even if you have never done anything like this in your life.

  2. Music lessons

    Musicians enter alpha very quickly when they play. Now I understand why Sherlock Holmes played the violin? In addition, musicians with experience have a very well developed thinking - their intelligence can be compared with the intelligence of managers of large businesses.

  3. Listening to music

    Not any, of course. Classical music sets us up on the alpha wave - Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli.

  1. Creation

    Those who come in the ear bear, should not be upset - in addition to music, a positive effect gives any other creativity - try to cuddle with clay or draw with pencils. At the same time, one should avoid a specific pragmatic goal - that is, if you are going to embroider with a cross, then you should not rush to sew buttons on clothes and darn socks. Be creative, not housework. Find an activity for yourself in which there will be no limits to your thinking. I can give free advice for those who want to play with the child inside: try to collect arbitrary figures from Lego!

  2. Sport

    In addition to musicians and other creative individuals, a high level of alpha waves also have ... athletes. It may seem strange, because there is a stereotype that just the same in athletes the brain spreads to the muscles, and it’s not necessary to think at all. However, this is not the case. When athletes focus on playing or practicing, they show the wonders of genius, and you can imitate the same thing: practice a sport that requires attention and concentration. Throw the ball into the ring, shoot at the targets, juggle with glasses (there is no sense to practice litrobol, I warn you right away!). Chess takes a lot of time and nerves, but they can work wonders.


    If all else fails, just drop it.

    Even if you are too lazy to practice any of the methods listed above, or they do not help you in solving the problem, you can still do the most important thing - to change your attitude to the brainstorming method. By refusing to obsessively focus on a problem and trying to “find something, I don’t know what,” you give your brain the freedom to act — and he may well use it correctly.

    Fully "disconnect" from the problem - this is already half the battle. Set aside your entrepreneurial sense of purpose for a few moments, and you can easily calm down. The nervousness and anxiety caused by the need to “sort things out” by all means will disappear. And then your next step will bring you closer to the source of inspiration.

    Scientists have not done research on the subject of those waves that activate inspiration, but I believe that after relaxation we are open to the world - we can be inspired by a wonderful article, a novel, a pleasant conversation, a beautiful sunset and, in general, everything that you want.

    The best ideas are always somewhere near, waiting for the next series of brainstorming. They are just waiting for you to invite them to your cozy cottage above your right ear.

    Watch the video: Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking feat. Brain Official Music Video (April 2020).


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