How to remove from the text extra artistry

I will explain how, without being an editor, a business and blog owner can independently assess the relevance of the artistic techniques used in the articles.

You will learn:

  • as a reader in a convenient form to present the information for which he started reading;
  • how to find problems in tasty texts with sufficient meaning.

By tasty text, I mean one that brings pleasure, a pleasant feeling, as from a good art book. Not everyone likes this term, but let them be guided :-)

Pieces of delicious texts

When an author creates a text, he wants to convey to the reader certain thoughts and feelings.

For the sake of such an effect, the author works not only on the meanings, but also on the presentation of each “message”: form, intonation, placement of accents and the use of artistic techniques. But there is a great danger that all efforts will flow in the wrong direction.

The author is fighting in the head of two clans:

  • the first is responsible for the main idea, which does not allow the text to crumble into separate episodes and descriptions of reasoning, it does not even allow it to sail to another harbor to talk about something interesting, but inappropriate;
  • the second one seeks to breathe life into the text, give certain shades to the words, show the plot's movement and simply diversify it.

If in the artistic text the form is primarily appreciated, then in the commercial text - content. In a blog, linguistic techniques should be in the service of important text ideas, rather than disguise thoughts, distract from the essence and create loopholes for discrepancies.

Often you can meet people who assume that everyone can cope with the repair of the apartment. But believe me, gentlemen, repair - this is not an oven bake, although you should also be able to make pies.

Repair is a science multiplied by steel professionalism of masters and a great love for work. So it was and will be at all times.

For example, in ancient times, magnificent pyramids were built in such a way that now, armed with the latest tools and technologies, it is almost impossible to get a similar result. The drawdowns of the base with respect to the zero mark are only 50 mm, and according to our SNiPs, the deviation can reach 140 mm.

Who so masterly built: earthlings or aliens? It is not known, but these were definitely people who were proud of their profession, and we always take an example from them.

An example of a piece of delicious text, and you have such a blog?

If I took an informative book about the work of construction and repair brigades, I would be mentally prepared for such a narration and learn the information. But why should I learn from the blog about the nuances of the construction of the pyramids, why these parallels of comparison? It seems that I came to a lecture for future brigadiers, who were not yet fully inspired by the power of their profession.

The author is too carried away by the "artistic" of his work.

To remedy the situation, you need to reduce the degree of romance and add more practical benefits.

Once a client asked us to name a formula for a successful repair. Maybe he was joking, but he hit the target right, we really have such a formula, here it is:

Successful repair = science * (professionalism + love for work).

That’s what remained of the delicious text after editing, it became more saturated and gained a different charm.

All the most important must be brought forward. The reader of the blog will not for a long time scoop out all artistically disguised meanings from the text, so serve the goodies in doses in order not to overfeed.

How not to overdo it with seasoning for text

Artistic means - not appendix to the text, but its content. Each word should be used to the place, especially for a blog, because losing a subscriber is easier than finding.

Criteria for assessing the relevance of language techniques used in blog texts:

Artistic tricks


Too long lyrical digression

I described them in detail in the example of the Egyptian pyramids, but I will show one more case.


Old cast iron bath can be given second life! Even if on your bath no faces it can podmarafetit in several ways. The choice of restoration method will depend on the defects that managed to amass your bath.


Too long introduction, the reader may think that through this grove he did not get to the point.


Second life An old cast-iron bath can be given with enamel, liquid acrylic or an acrylic liner (by the way, electric kettles are also made from acrylic, because despite its synthetic nature he is absolutely harmless to humans). Further we will tell in which case this or that method of bath restoration will be appropriate.

Reason for two-digit interpretations


Chinese faucets are descendants The latest achievements of powder metallurgy, in their compositions are very often used plastic and aluminum powder.


There may be a feeling that the Chinese faucets are the best.


Chinese faucets are sheer headache for their owners, we advise you not to encounter them. They can be recognized by weight. These descendants Powder metallurgy is obtained very light, as they often use plastic and aluminum powder.

The subtext is aimed at the company's problems, not the customer's problems.


It is very important to measure the bath correctly in order to order an acrylic liner for it, which will become as a glove, straight on the nose.


The subtext: "We have a very difficult and responsible work," the impression is that each client is only an additional headache.

Noticed the same problem in the example with the pyramids?


We ourselves take measurements from the bathroom, in order to order an insert from sanitary acrylic, which will stand in the cast-iron bath like a glove. We have this business hand crammed since the liner is made integral and after leaving the conveyor you can’t do anything with it.

Bright focus on the negative


If you are ready for beauty sacrifice space the toilet room, you can install hidden faucets, they are right grow out of the wall.


Negative color.


In the large toilet room, you can install hidden faucets, they look very effectively: straight out of the wall spout and handles for management.



Natural marble will not be able to to transfer and a tenth of the torment which stand dignified baths of molded marble. They can immerse in an unnatural habitat and even fling on hard bases.


No specifics, one can only guess what is meant.


The bath of molded marble can be first washed with boiling water, and then immediately poured with icy water, it can also be immersed in acid or alkali, and finally dropped on the concrete floor. Natural stone would not stand cruel torture.

No output or generalization


Electronic mixer looks like his brother - single lever mixer, but only deprived lever.


Not every reader, having read about the absence of a lever on an electronic mixer, will continue the chain of logical thinking. It will be more reliable to give him a ready conclusion.


Electronic mixer so smartthat he does not need a lever, as in a conventional mixer. Once in his field of vision get hands he immediately thinks that it is time to supply water, but it is worth removing your hands - to block it.

Everything else is beautiful and artistic, not just possible to use, but necessary, thus making the text interesting and really tasty. If your blog just posted articles without the above "defects", then I congratulate you!

In the design of the floor of the bathroom and toilet, we create a waterproofing layer, which during leakage acts like lifeboat.

While you will race to their internal cranes to block them, and collect water in a bucket, overflowed the shores of the Amazon, waterproofing will work: Do not give the walls and floors to get wet. Therefore, you can be sure of the finish from the neighbors below.

An example of tasty text without "defects"

Instead of output

The author cannot, with 100% accuracy, guess how his text will be perceived, since the aftertaste is influenced by the reader’s life experience and mood at the time of reading the text.

But there are things that can definitely spoil even the most skilful text, so keep this article on your social networks, and return to it while reading the texts prepared for publication in a blog.

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