Sex in content marketing: 11 sure ways to seduce an audience

We are all adults, let's face it honestly: by this everyone is involved. What is there to hide? The USSR, in which “there was no sex,” collapsed twenty years ago, and now nudist beaches and television channels for adults are around us. 90% of online content flirts with you and makes obscene suggestions. Torrents are bursting with "adult" video, and governments are increasingly demanding confirmation of age on the Internet. Try to download at least one file from the exchanger, without seeing plump sponges and lace underwear on the monitor (this is at best). The most popular blog of the last year bypassed the number of readers of Nosik and Navalny - and this is the blog of Prostitute Kat. And she, I suspect, earns very well from open and hidden advertising - who is not interested in this topic?

The same applies to your content: if it is seductive and frank enough, then the chances of captivating the audience behind it are much greater. Below are 11 things that you should take into account when implementing your content marketing strategy. They can help you to satisfy your target audience, show your dignity and stand out from the background of numerous competitors. Well, ready to measure ... content?

1. Proximity

Relationships can be "one-time" or they can become regular. In the first case, you meet by chance, and it turns out that you have something to please your partner in "communication". For the first time, everything turns out to be not perfect, but usually both sides are quite happy with what happened. But if you decide to take the next step, enter into a more intimate relationship with a partner and show that you want to take care of him and show understanding, then everything changes. From casual intrigue, you move to a more emotionally stable and trusting relationship, and your content already becoming much more attractive, kin and closer.

2. Atmosphere

Creating the right atmosphere can fundamentally change your relationship and the whole process of interaction itself - the right images, music, and video decide whether it will be just a pleasant pastime or “LORD'S WANTING!”

3. Reciprocity

When in your relationship you not only take, but give, both parties enjoy it. When everything happens in complete silence, a feeling of awkwardness arises - you are not sure if you are doing everything correctly, and you don’t feel like asking about it in order not to put yourself in an awkward position. Agree, you are very pleased when your readers express their opinion about your content, comment on it and praise. When this happens, you realize that you do not want to stop - you want to give them even more reasons for praise. How many of you have not smiled enough, hearing: "More, more"?

4. Preferences

It is very important for men to know how good they are in the process. This is not bad - the desire to meet the needs of a partner is quite welcome partner. Women, on the contrary, prefer to chat about by this with girlfriends and share your experience with friends and even blogs. Well, content analytics can tell you in detail how effective each part of it is, and you'll have to figure out the rest yourself. However, if you were great, then no one would be silent about it - rather, on the contrary, you will have to hold back the screams.

5. Size

Nothing new: size does not matter, the main thing is skill. The audience satisfaction options are endless. A short tweet and a long video can be equally brilliant.

6. Erogenous zone

Yes, you have to find this place. By the reaction of the audience, you can understand when you get to the point. Now the main thing is not to lose it. Take your time, relieve tension, moving away from the topic, but always go back - and do not stop until you finish. The idea does not tolerate interruptions or breaks in the most interesting place.

7. Dimension

In this case, never be in a hurry. Perhaps, sometimes the situation does not suffer delays (well, you know, there are confined spaces and brief lunch breaks), so sometimes you should do everything quickly, but with high quality. However, in a normal situation, impatience is clearly not the most attractive scenario. Prepare your audience, relax and enjoy the process. Yes, do not forget to make sure that the audience is also blushing - in fact, you should aim at it first.

8. Sincerity

Nothing can compare with the ability to sincerely express their passion and feelings. Professionals may have impressive skills that you do not have, but they can never so vividly express their passion for what you feel and do. Readers feel whether the content comes from the heart or is it a learned rhythm for money.

9. Freedom

Do not be shy. Free the beast that lives within you. Furious, forget about the framework, use the objects at hand, change places and positions, look for diversity - but be careful not to harm anyone, including yourself. Good content will be perceived very naturally if you can make it frank.

10. Frequency

It all depends on your audience and your resources. For some, burdensome by this more than once a month, others will enjoy themselves with quality and pleasure two or three times a week, and real heroes can produce fresh and unique content daily. Do everything to the best of your abilities and desires. Never do it under duress. Everything should be for love. Do not forget that your business and intimate life will never be hurt by diversity - combine business with pleasure.

11. Gratitude

Do not disappear immediately after contact. Run away, barely finished the case, or turn to the wall and snore - not the best way to have a permanent partner. A few words of gratitude or other bonuses also do not interfere. Who knows, all of a sudden you will ever have to help each other out in a delicate situation: remain the ideal option — so, call sometimes for decency, share the news and have a fresh video ... or what does your audience get there?

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