What do online shoppers want?

Online store owners would sell their souls to the devil to look into the heads of online shoppers. Why people buy products on the Internet, what influences their decisions during product selection, what customers like and dislike, - you can use reliable answers to these questions to increase the efficiency of online trading.

Selling the soul does not have to. Below you will find the results of studies on the behavior of foreign online consumers. The data obtained will also help domestic entrepreneurs: there is a lot in common with the behavior of foreign and Russian online shoppers. What do the customers of your online store want?

1. New standards of customer behavior in the (post) crisis era

In 2014, Quirk's Marketing Research Media surveyed 2,000 buyers of US online stores. Researchers asked respondents about changes in their consumer activity after the global financial crisis. Based on the results of the responses, the following conclusions were made:

  • The consumer debt of American citizens in 2014 fell to its lowest level since pre-crisis 2006. Buyers are trying to plan purchases and calculated their own funds.
  • 79% of respondents are reviewing reviews and reviews about the product, the manufacturer and the seller.
  • Consumers consider the most reliable source of information about the product opinions of other buyers.

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Please note that the behavior of Russian buyers is still different from American in some matters. According to the Bank of Russia and the National Bureau of Credit Histories, as of the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, Russia was experiencing a boom in consumer lending. More than four-fifths of the working-age population had consumer debt. In mid-2014, the annual growth rate of consumer debt was 33%. However, the ratio of debt to household income in the Russian Federation is 23%. This is several times less in comparison with the American and European indicators.

It can be assumed that the latest trends in the foreign exchange market will change the attitude of online shoppers and bankers to consumer lending. Russian online stores need to prepare for the fact that buyers will more carefully plan purchases and less often pay off credit funds. First of all, it will affect the sellers of imported products: gadgets, clothing, household appliances. Under these conditions, sellers need to pay attention to consumer behavior: almost four-fifths of customers are studying product reviews and suppliers.

2. If you can not touch, let me see

Advertising agency MDG Advertising studied the impact of images on the behavior of online shoppers. Researchers obtained the following results:

  • 67% of buyers believe that the quality of the image affects the decision of the transaction. Only 54% of consumers find detailed product descriptions more important than photos.
  • Pages and cards of products with high-quality images get 94% more views compared to pages that have only a text description.

As you know, visual content is king. Learn to make high-quality photos of products on your own, illustrate reviews and articles with high-quality and legal images. Try cool tools for creating infographics, interactive galleries and videos.

3. Why do consumers prefer online shopping

Shopper Approved surveyed 25,660 customers to understand why people prefer online shopping to offline outlets. During the study, the following results were obtained:

  • 25.4% of respondents noted a wide range of goods.
  • 25% have chosen a low price.
  • 24.7% said they were attracted by the convenience of shopping.
  • 7.2% consider time saving as important.
  • 3.6% said that it is easier to compare similar products in the online store.

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Online stores have several advantages over offline outlets. Firstly, they can demonstrate an unlimited amount of goods, since they do not face restrictions on retail space, shelf sizes and merchandising laws. Secondly, online retailers have the opportunity to sell goods cheaper than their counterparts from offline. Thirdly, online stores make it possible to make purchases in a few clicks. The user does not even need to get up from behind the computer. Find ways to emphasize and fully exploit the main advantages of online trading.

4. Wrap everything up

According to the British Psychological Society, there is a category of superloyal consumers. Buyers purchase all the products offered by their favorite brand. Psychologists Kyungmi Kim and Marcia Johnson found that the desire of fan buyers to purchase products of their favorite companies is determined by special biochemical processes in the brain.

According to researchers, the purchase of products of a particular brand allows fans to meet the need for belonging to a social group. As an example of a fanatical desire to acquire products of the brand, psychologists have called the queues of buyers for the new Apple.

How to use the results of this research in practice? Sell ​​products of famous brands. Help shoppers to share the joy of acquiring in social networks. Provide an opportunity to discuss the purchase with other brand fans.

5. Customers are waiting for your letters.

Researchers at Forrester Research argue that buyers reduce their negative attitudes toward commercial ezine. The company surveyed more than 30 thousand online buyers and received the following data:

  • In 2014, 42% of American consumers deleted commercial letters without even opening them. In 2012, this figure was 44%, and in 2010 - 59%.
  • 30% of consumers often cannot understand where the sender of commercial letters knows their name and email address.
  • 38% of buyers believe that no interesting offers can be found in the mailing list. In 2012, this figure was 41%.

More than half of consumers read commercial emails. More than 60% know that in the mailing list you can find something interesting. You are not sending letters to buyers? Then you lose time.

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6. By what criteria do customers rate you?

Experts from The Society for New Communications Research argue that the main criterion for evaluating the seller is the quality of the product. So say 80% of online consumers. What other evaluation factors are customers using?

  • Product price - 55%.
  • The level of service - 37%.
  • Reviews of familiar and famous people - 34%.
  • Feedback from unknown consumers - 30%.
  • Ratings on social services and social networks - 30%.
  • Information in the media - 13%.
  • Information in advertising articles and ads - 10%.
  • The company's activity in social networks - 7%.

Here is a simple recipe for success: sell quality products at reasonable prices. Pay attention to the level of service.

7. What influences a purchase decision

The company Bigcommerce surveyed customers of online stores to find out the key factors influencing the decision to purchase. Among the most important factors, respondents named:

  • The quality of the product is 56%.
  • Free shipping - 49%.
  • Ability to return inappropriate product - 35%.
  • Customer reviews - 33%.
  • The ability to evaluate the product from the photo - 30%.
  • Convenient site navigation - 26%.
  • Simple checkout - 24%.
  • Availability of the right sizes or complete sets of the product - 12%.
  • The presence of new products - 10%.

You already know that customers like quality products. Also, you know that consumers pay attention to reviews and photos. Now pay attention to the importance of free shipping, a refund guarantee, and site usability.

8. What do buyers have in mind

Vouchercloud service specialists studied the psychology of online shoppers. Some of the results of their work deserve attention:

  • 57% of buyers leave the site if it loads more than three seconds. 80% of them never return to this site.
  • Consumers evaluate the product and make a preliminary purchase decision within 90 seconds.
  • 41% of pending purchases are due to hidden fees and commissions that buyers see at the checkout stage.
  • 53% of shoppers consider cheap delivery sufficient reason to change the online store.

Reduce website load time. Pay attention to the visual appeal of product cards. For 90 seconds, the consumer has time to evaluate only the image and page design. Pre-alert buyers about commissions and shipping costs.

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All buyers can not please

But we must strive towards this. Use the data obtained during the research to meet the most important customer needs. Sell ​​quality products, provide reasonable prices and a high level of service. Take care of the usability of the site, publish high-quality photos of products. Sell ​​products of famous brands. Make sure customers and experts speak well of your store.

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