How to deal with ad blockers

According to Yandex.Metrica, approximately every fifth visitor of the Texterra website uses ad blockers. This does not affect the business agency. But the owners of sites that earn through advertising, you can drink soothing. Because of AdBlock and similar programs, they lose about 20% of revenue.

How to deal with banner blindness: 6 tips + own experiment

According to statistics, people notice only seven out of ten advertising banners on the network. But if your ads are always one of the attracting attention, then most likely you will not find anything new for yourself in the article. Those who are always in search of new solutions and tools to improve their advertising, please read.

Editorial policy: 59 questions to help you get the document right

If your site has content lame, then you are to blame, not the authors. It can not be such that all copywriters were illiterate idiots. Most likely, they simply do not understand what you want from them. It is possible to slightly improve the quality of texts, and at the same time clarify the relationship between authors and editors may be an interesting document called editorial policy.

Why find an author - a heartbreaking drama? Experience glavreda "Texterra"

My name is Konstantin Rudov. I am the chief editor of this blog, and I have a problem. We need new blood, but the search for suitable candidates is given with great difficulty. Now I will tell you what to face in the harsh reality. Stop. Maybe work with a team of regular authors and relax? If you want to make a cool blog that will constantly maintain the interest of readers, this will not work.

How to write a good interview on the remote: personal experience

I often have to interview people of various professions, and since it is not always possible to meet in person with the interviewee, most of them are held in a remote format. Я поделюсь личным опытом и расскажу, как сделать интервью по удаленке не хуже, чем при личном общении. Эта статья будет интересна: журналистам, которые еще не работали в удаленном формате, фрилансерам, которые общаются с заказчиками, всем авторам, которые работают по удаленке.